Mercedes CLS Final Edition Is Coming Up For One Last Time

Mercedes Benz has decided to drop the current shape of the CLS series.

The final edition of the CLS saloon and the shooting brake is about to come to an end.

Mercedes CLS

If you are keen on owning one of them, this is the last chance to go for. The only constraint is that Mercedes is not going for a huge launch but rather going to sell the Mercedes CLS Final Edition only in Europe. The brand may choose to bring it to other regions but we don’t have any confirmation regarding a wide launch.

A set of unique badges marking the final edition is found on the new CLS model. It also has appropriate lettering embroidered on the carpets for that exclusivity people crave for. Other facilities which are part of the bundle include trimmed black leather, multicontour seats, heating and contrasting thread colors used for stitching.

The sun roof can slide giving you a cool view of the road, especially during long summer rides. The tinted glass is heat insulated to withstand varying temperatures besides the LED multibeam headlights and sports suspension. All these luxury components are already part of the AMG line trim.

The biggest difference is that while AMG is performance driven and is limited in numbers, the new Mercedes CLS Final Edition is going to be part of the trimline. It will exist in larger numbers allowing everyone to buy it, if they like to. According to official reports, the CLS is coming but Mercedes didn’t discuss the technical specifications of the car and the maximum power that it could deliver.

Mercedes CLS Final Edition

All these details should be out in the mid of 2017 before pre-orders begin by 2018. The platform on which the new CLS is being built is the same as the one being used in the C class models. Minor changes are made to the body of the car including the swoopy front fascia and the sharp rear end. Compared to the four door sedan CLS, the shooting brake is very low in sales. When these reasons are put together, it is easy to see why Mercedes wouldn’t want to continue making the models.

The pricing of the Mercedes Benz CLS Final Edition is €8211 in the European market. It is quite expensive to own, especially when you convert the exact pricing in US and UK currencies. But, Mercedes has been an elite car maker and their long running customers may not think twice before buying one.

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