Mercedes Dominated the Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 with Five New Launches

Competitors were many, launches were so many, yet if there is one brand that could easily stand out of the crowd, it is Mercedes Benz.

The manufacturers beat competition by launching almost half-a-dozen vehicles at the Frankfurt IAA 2015 show which was a grand success.

2015 Mercedes-Benz

During the event, the company launched a couple of cars as well as some concept cars. While the concepts may take some time before it gets officially released to the public, there are other models to look forward to. At the venue, Mercedes showcased their concept IAA vehicle, the C Class Coupe, AMG C 63 coupe, the S Class Cabriolet and the AMG S63 4Matic Cabriolet. Each one of these is a power horse and is unique in its own way.

Out of the vehicles showcased at the IAA 2015, the Mercedes Concept IAA was the one that caught the attention of everyone else. It was not just another car but a digital transformer, literally! For people who love the Transformer franchise, this is good news because the car can automatically transform its looks by opening or closing new bumpers, spoilers, wings and side skirts. It even morphs the rims from a coupe into an aerodynamically powerful sedan if the rider chooses to.

While it is possible to create a car that could change its shape on paper, we may have to wait until Mercedes Benz creates an actual car that lives up to the promise. The IAA concept can also lower or pull the suspension so as to offer a whole new experience based on the mode the driver choose. Other launches in the list include a C Class sports coupe which becomes faster and stylish with the AMG C 63 Coupe version.

Frankfurt Auto Show 2015

The C Class powered by the Mercedes AMG GT is going to be extremely powerful on the road which obviously will lead to an increased price tag. It also features better luxury features, spoilers, bumpers and other physical changes to support the boosted speed. The Mercedes AMG S 63 Cabriolet is the much needed Cabrio of the flagship model from the brand.

With sportier spoilers, great luxury assets and a huge body with great legroom, it is the ultimate Mercedes experience owners may opt for. However, the company showcased other models as well at the Frankfurt IAA 2015 so as to appeal to a wide range of audience than limiting themselves to just a few.

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