Mercedes EQ The Next Gen All-Electric Car Series Is Coming Soon

The all-electric car season has officially started as yet another big brand in the automobile industry, Mercedes Benz joins the race with their all-new EQ series.

Mercedes EQ The Next Gen All-Electric Car Series

All future models sporting an electric motor and powered by a battery will fall under the Mercedes EQ category. The information comes from a reliable source and we couldn’t agree more with the name. The pure EV range of models will soon be rolled out in stores, possibly in the year 2018. It seems to be the lucky charm for every brand out there including Chevrolet, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Tesla and everyone else out there.

Automakers believe that they will have at least two years to complete the production phase and come up with newer technology to enable bigger batteries that offer increased mile range. The latest benchmark is 200 miles as set by Tesla’s Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt. Both these models are yet to get launched. The numbers are based on the official promotion and interview statement provided by the brand’s top executives. BMW is keen on building their I series models. Mercedes is planning to create a separate brand for the EQ electric cars so that the conventional gasoline powered models could be produced as always.

After all, buyers aren’t going to magically switch to all-electric vehicles in a day or so. Despite the big reach the technology has, petrol and diesel engines are still favored throughout the globe. Setting up proper charging stations for EVs would take time which ensures that the conventional powertrains are here to stay for at least a decade or more.

Mercedes EQ The Next Gen All-Electric Car Series Is Coming Soon

Mercedes has filed for a trademark EQ and it will be used as a prefix for all electric cars. They have not only registered the EQ but has gone for a series of trademark acquisitions for different names including MEQ, EQA, EQB till EQX. That’s so many alphabet combinations to cover and probably the auto brand is going to launch at least a dozen cars or more using these names.

When questioned about the trademark, both the spokesperson and top officials refused to comment. However, the electric motor trend is brewing in Mercedes and it won’t be long before an official announcement is made. An electric vehicle architecture is also under development to allow all future models to be mounted on them with enough space for the large batteries. Multiple sedans, coupe, small cars and SUVs powered by electric motors is in the cards.

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