Mercedes Maybach 6 Concept Teaser Showcases Front Fascia

Mercedes continues to tease the audience with another teaser image and this time they have confirmed that it is the concept version of the Mercedes Maybach 6.

Mercedes Maybach 6 Teaser Front End

The teaser image was revealed on the company’s official social media page. It showcases the front fascia of the model with extremely thin headlights coupled with a huge waterfall grille. The hood is longer is size and has been designed in such a way that it compliment the side profile. We have had the chance to see it in the teaser image released earlier.

The grille seems to have been heavily inspired by the ones used in the AMG GT-R. There were no rumors that suggested Mercedes is working on a concept car at the moment. It was a pleasant surprise to know that the Maybach 6 is under development and with the vision name, it is confirmed that the automobile brand is serious about pushing it into production. An official debut for the concept model will take place on August 18th, at the Pebble Beach event.

Maybach 6 has been named after the car’s actual size. The total length of the model is measured to be at 6 meters. Mercedes is keen on surpassing their own record set by the Maybach S600 sedan measuring at approximately 214.6 inches. The new model is supposed to be 232 inches making it the longest car in the series. The teaser picture also shows a small badge that confirms it belongs to the Maybach family.

Brand Mercedes has always been at the forefront when creating some of the best looking models. They have delivered the Vision Gran Turismo Concept at the same Pebble Beach event years ago and it was a thing of beauty. Creating good looking cars always have a positive impact on the crowd and it encourages them to buy it when an official launch take places.

Mercedes Maybach 6 Concept Teaser

However, being concept models it might be a long time before the Gran Turismo or the Maybach 6 find its way to dealership stores. Until then, we can just wait for the Pebble Beach event to take place and see how the new vision model looks in person.

There is no word on the technical specification of the Mercedes Maybach 6 but once the reveal takes place at the event, we may have more information to share. Come back next week and we will bring you the latest updates on this Mercedes car.

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