Mercedes Maybach 6 Concept’s Teaser Image Reveals Gullwing Doors

Gullwing doors are always scintillating and the Mercedes Maybach 6 concept is going for it, as confirmed by a teaser image released by the auto brand.

Mercedes Maybach 6

The number of new cars and concept models heading to the Pebble Beach event is rising at a steady rate. Almost every manufacturer has something good to show off but the Mercedes Maybach 6 concept has some great potential to steal the show. The car comes from Mercedes, the company known for style and substances with a large audience base. Besides, the Maybach series is making a comeback after a long break and is probably one of the longest in the series.

Multiple teaser images have been released online throughout the week. The first one showcased the rear end of the model and then we got to see the front fascia. It was exceptionally sharp, sporty and pointed to justify the series the model belongs to. The new teaser shows some of the rear end of the car along with its gullwing doors.

The Mercedes Maybach 6 concept is expected to be about six meters long featuring slender tail lamps mounted on the fender and the rear bumper. The wing mirrors are exceptionally tiny but it seems to be a necessary addition to maintain a low profile. Visibility is expected to be really low as the concept car is keen on keeping you private when on the move.

Gullwing doors add that amazing edge to sports cars. Tesla was keen on using it for their Model X SUV and it led to multiple delays. The doors just didn’t work as intended on the long run. With their expertise in the industry, Mercedes might be aware of this fact and will ensure Maybach 6 gets its special doors without any compromise.

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6

Besides, the car is still in its early stages of design and may undergo many changes before the final version. When opened, the doors provide great wingspan allowing enough space for the passengers to get in. Very little information is available with regards to the Mercedes Maybach 6 concept.

Mercedes is tight lipped about the car as they are waiting for the big reveal at the Pebble Beach event. We will have more to share as soon as the launch takes place and when it does, let’s hope the automobile brand would discuss a possible release date for the Maybach 6. Would it be next year? We hope so!

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