Mercedes Owners Are Ready To Embrace Autonomous Technology Right Away

Owners of Mercedes Benz are most willing to adopt autonomous technology as soon as possible followed by Infiniti brand patrons.

2016 Infiniti Q50

When it comes to adopting new technology which could sound unfamiliar and expensive in most scenarios, customers are usually slow. Similarly, companies delay incorporating such features as it might affect their current sale trends. The claim is not valid when it comes to owners of Mercedes and Infiniti cars. A survey conducted by MaritzCX revealed that the car owners are highly interested in checking out the self-driving cars when they get launched in the market.

About 12,353 owners were interviewed as part of the survey. Those who owned a Mercedes or an Infiniti car opined that they are interested in trying new features as soon as they are launched. Twenty-seven percentage of the group were confident and wanted to go for autonomous vehicles when they are out. A not so surprising part of the survey is that Jeep, Ram owners were the least interested people in self-driving technology.

Going in rough terrains, Jeep owners obviously cannot rely on the autonomous car to take care of them in such conditions. People who liked luxury and usually cruise through the city found it as an appealing option.

“People who are used to luxury vehicles and its modern features are more open minded to try out something new. They strongly believe that safety aspect would be much higher on their cars when the computer takes control and drives with a pre-defined set of instructions. Those who go off-road and like to drive on their own may not like it. It was confirmed by Jeep and Ram owners who had an adverse opinion about self-driving cars,” said the author of the survey.

Mercedes Benz Embrace Autonomous Technology

Nearly the entire population which buyers a car from one brand or the other was aware of the fact that autonomous cars are coming. About 48 percent of the buyers said that they are not interested in buying one even when top manufacturers launch cars with self-driving technology.

Compared to USA, buyers in the European region are more interested in going for self-driving technology. It is not so new because earlier surveys revealed the same. Based on this trend, it might take many more years before people in the country adopts it. Many are not ready to give computers control over their car as it raises issues like hacking, decision making and legal stuff.

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