Mercedes Teases Maybach Coupe With Silhouette Image

Being a tease would aptly match Mercedes Benz at the moment. The automaker just dropped an image of the Maybach coupe on Instagram and it was just a silhouette of the car.

Mercedes Benz

While spy pictures are something photographers catch to create hype around the model and give people a quick glimpse of a car before it is officially announced, teaser images like these are totally difficult to decipher. Almost a huge part of the car is hidden in the shadows and all we could see is few inches of the coupe. A launch event for the Mercedes Benz Maybach coupe is set to take place at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

The new Maybach is big, long and most importantly scintillating with a stylish outlook. Mercedes is associated with luxury but the company has been eyeing Porsche, Ferrari and other brands known for making great looking cars. Some of the changes that we could notice through the silhouette image are the big chrome strake, bigger fender vents, three pointed hood ornaments and flashback roof adorned with the Maybach badge.

According to Mercedes, the new Maybach is six meters of ultimate luxury. The previous Maybach S600 is 214 inches long and the next gen will probably be 232 inches based on what the company claimed in their teaser statement. The existing wheelbase measured at 132.5 inches could be modified a bit to match the car’s increased size.

On the other side, analysts believe that the teaser image could be of a production car and the not the next Mercedes Maybach as speculated. Such information cannot be confirmed at the moment until the company officially makes the announcement. The S600 is an amazing car with best luxuries incorporated into it and delivers solid performance.

Mercedes Teases Maybach Coupe With Silhouette Image

The new car should be on the same lines even though all Mercedes cars are going to be on the pricier side. The existing model is powered by a 6.0-liter twin turbo V12 engine delivering up to 523 horsepower and has 612 lb feet of torque. When they say ultimate luxury, Mercedes really means it as their cars are usually equipped with a champagne chiller, recliner seats, high quality leather interiors and an immersive infotainment system.

Everything that we have to come to expect from the brand and more should be part of the new Mercedes Benz Maybach coupe. Stay tuned till the Pebble Beach event and we might have some interesting information to share by then.

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