MG GS Hits London Motor Show Sporting New Turbo Petrol Engine

MG has officially unveiled the GS during the London motor show and the car is all set to hit showrooms in major cities.

The midsized SUV is an anticipated model from MG. Pre-orders for the vehicle begins in the month of June.

MG GS 2016

Along with the new MG GS, the company is debuting a powerful 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine. The powertrain is designed to offer the best performance and power while being extremely reliable in terms of fuel efficiency. The new SUV is being built on a highly versatile platform. The designers confirmed the platform to be versatile so that it is not only cheap but has scope for expansion in the near future.

The midsized SUV is powered by a DCT automatic transmission gearbox. However, the advanced system will be available only on the top of the line models. Instead of trying to offer multiple trim lines at the same time, MG is going for a conservative approach. They are going to launch the petrol model first and it will be the only one available in the market. The diesel variant will be introduced in the following months.

Official pricing for the model is yet to be confirmed but MG confirmed that they are going to price is extremely competitive so that it is affordable for their target audience. The pricing will be somewhere close to the MG 6. Speculated pricing for the car is pegged at £16,000. It is for the base model while the other trim lines will be priced much higher with better connectivity, components and increased safety features.

“When we started designing the MG GS, the idea was to create a family car that would suit the requirement of majority of families. We altered the look to make it stand apart from the rest of our offerings. The looks found in the GS is made to give it a touch of confidence, dynamism and sporty finish. It is a car that will fit the MG family seamlessly,” said Anthony Williams Kenny, Design Director at MG.


The midsized SUV is built on the SAIC platform. The highly versatile platform is scalable and has potential to be altered to release newer versions of the vehicle in the future. The car is likely to compete with Sportage from Kia and CR-V, a popular bestseller from Honda.

The new petrol engine is fused to a six speed dual clutch gearbox. A 1.8-liter diesel engine variant is coming up.

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