MG GS With Turbo Petrol Engine Launched at London Motor Show

MG has officially launched the GS at the London motor show held in UK.

The mid-sized SUV has been in production for a while now and is now finally out, ready to hit stores real soon.


Pre-orders for the vehicle begin in the month of June. The GS is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine which is the first of its kind and promises best fuel efficiency without compromising on performance. It is being built on a platform which is highly versatile, scalable and has potential to accommodate newer components when required. The platform has been built in partnership with Nissan, Hyundai and Kia. Cars made by these companies already use the platform for their popular models.

During the show, MG representatives spoke in length about the GS they have built and added that the top of the line cars in the series will be equipped with DCT automatic transmission gearbox. The launch variants will be powered by a petrol engine. Even though, MG has plans to release GS cars with diesel engine, there is no official release dates at the moment. The auto manufacturer has said that they will announce and launch them at a later stage.

The motor show was utilized to announce the car and explain its various features. However, GS didn’t confirm the pricing for the model. Starting price for the car is speculated to be somewhere around sixteen thousand British pounds and it may vary slightly. We can’t confirm the pricing unless the manufacturer officially announces the same.

“Our goal was to create a car which will officially fit into the MG family. The first ever SUV from the company is different in terms of look, has an all new platform and engine besides other notable changes. It speaks of dynamism and confidence. A totally worthy launch from us and we are confident that it will reach buyers the way we intended it to,” said Anthony Williams, Kenny global design director of MG.

MG GS With Turbo Petrol Engine

Some of the sleek design and the external architecture are borrowed from existing vehicles. The MG3 supermini and the MG6 exterior design has been borrowed but they are modified so as to make them fit into the SUV model. The car uses a six speed dual clutch gearbox system. Buyers can choose to pick a front wheel drive or an all-wheel drive system. Pricing will vary based on their choice. A 1.8-liter diesel engine variant of the GS will hit stores in UK after the initial launch.

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