Microsoft Gets Ready to Release its Latest Bug Free Windows 10 OS on July 29

Microsoft had to face strong criticism when Windows 8 launched because the operating system was not user friendly for desktop users.

The metro UI was an important update which will be presented in a whole new style with Windows 10.

The next big operating system from the company is ready to be launched on July 29. With just a few days to go, the team at Microsoft seems to be really anxious. They have been rolling out new updates every two days to those who are already on the beta channel. The team has also been encouraging people in the Windows Insider Program to keep sending them bug reports so that the operating system is possibly bug-free on launch date.

Microsoft Windows 10 OS

Launching a brand new operating system with no errors is an impossible task. However, Microsoft is aiming at something entirely different. The company wants to make sure their platform is user friendly and has all the features that consumers want. In order to reduce complaints, the OS will be launched in different phases.

The update will be rolled out exclusively to people in the insider program on July 29. They will continue to analyze different aspects of the program and send bug reports. Those who have reserved their free upgrade will be the next in the lot to receive Windows 10. The users run Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 at the moment. After bringing it to existing users, Microsoft will launch the product to the general public, confirmed a report.

A step by step approach is expected to minimize errors on launch date. Microsoft is also planning to make updates compulsory on all PCs so that users receive bug fixes and security updates without fail. It also allows them to curb piracy and stop non-licensed copies from being used.

Newer Updates Focus on Intel Graphics

Windows 10 has received the latest build 10240 which the company confirmed will be the last in the series. The update obviously focuses on fixing bugs and glitches but it will also increase computability for integrated Intel HD graphics, according to a blog post.

Microsoft Windows 10 OS

The official description for these updates has little information in them. The statement claims that the newly identified security issues and bugs have been fixed. No technical specifications have been provided though. If Windows 10 could seamlessly merge the desktop interface with Metro apps, it could be the successful OS that Microsoft is waiting to taste for a long time.

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