Miley Cyrus Lends Her Voice for ‘Hands of Love’ from the Upcoming Film ‘Freeheld’

Miley Cyrus sang the song ‘Hands of Love’ featured in the upcoming film ‘Freeheld’. The song is penned by Linda Perry, especially for the movie that is inspired by a true love story of a lesbian couple.

The 22-year-old singer is famed for her ability to tell a story well through her singing and ‘Hands of Love’ appears to have found a perfect fit in her voice. The song features in the upcoming movie ‘Freeheld’ which boasts of a stunning plot.

Miley Cyrus

The film, purportedly inspired from a real-life incident, is about a lesbian couple played by Julianne Moore and Ellen Page. When the former is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the two take on the state of New Jersey to enable Ellen get benefits and this race against time forms the background of ‘Freeheld’.

Linda Perry, who wrote this song, is an ex-member of ‘4 Non Blondes’, a rock band from the 90s. The songstress has penned the lyrics for multiple songs, including those of Christina Aguilera and Pink. However, this is her first film song, she confirmed to Time.

After watching the screening of Freeheld, while on her drive back home, the song just popped into her head, she added. ‘The arrangement is there, the lyrics are showing up, I can’t get to a piano, there’s no instrument, there’s no nothing,’ she said of her song-writing experience.

And Ellen Page is supposedly responsible for roping in Miley Cyrus to lend her voice to this beautiful, haunting melody that is bound to bring tears to the eyes of the listener. Ellen was all praise for the young singer’s voice and called it a ‘raw, unique, awesome, beautiful voice’.

Freeheld; Hands of Love

Moreover, Miley is known for her involvement in fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ community. ‘I just thought it was going to be a perfect fit. She and Linda made something really special,’ Ellen opined about the effect created by this singer-songwriter combination.

Miley Cyrus is an active participant for LGBTQ rights and her Happy Hippie Foundation helps homeless youth from the transgender community. So she happily accepted to sing this song since it perfectly reflects her dual passions; for civil rights and music. Miley Cyrus believes that learning through entertainment is what people like to do. A song or a film is a great way to get across important social messages to audiences, she added.

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