Mitsubishi Believes Hybrids, SUVs are the Future, Sedans are Gone

Mitsubishi is looking forward to their rebound in the U.S. market and other global regions, but the company has a clear idea of what they are going to do this generation.

While they did have a fair share of sedans in their lineup, the makers are keen on introducing a whole new range of cars which will be hybrids, plugins and electric cars. Majority of them will be SUVs and crossovers as Mitsubishi is no longer interested in manufacturing sedan cars. They are working towards a solid goal according to which the brand will introduce three different hybrid or electric crossovers.

2016 Mitsubishi Lancer

The launches will take place in the next five years, but they confirmed that the company won’t be launching any sedans in the United States in the near future. The first vehicle which has been confirmed to be out by next Spring is going to be the Outlander PHEV. It is one of the most popular vehicle choices in Europe at the moment. The plug-in hybrid has already been out for three years in the continent. Its massive sales had already beat some of the best-selling EVs including Renault’s Zoe, BMW’s i3 and Nissan Leaf.

While these three cars are equally competent on the road, the performance and the space offered by the Mitsubishi Outlander is exceptional which helped the company beat everyone off the road.

Talking about sales and their decision to focus purely on SUVs, CEO of Mitsubishi, Osamu Masuko said that the brand has a stronghold in the world of SUVs and vehicles with the four-wheel drive system. “When we come back into the U.S. market, we have decided to focus on our core areas so as to win back the customers. Majority of our resources will be focused towards making the best cars so as to build a brand base in the country”, he added.

Mitsubishi Lancer 2016

The upcoming vehicle from the brand scheduled for the U.S. launch will sit somewhere between the Outlander and the Outlander Sport in terms of size. Another Outlander model is scheduled for a 2017 launch while the crossover PHEV edition will be out in the year 2020. The company is also planning to bring out an all-electric version of the SUVs in the next five years.

Based on the reports, it is evident that Mitsubishi is committing a lot for SUV lovers and it is to be seen how they manage to deliver on all of them on such a long term plan.

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