Mitsubishi eX Concept Car is Getting Ready for 2020 Launch

The Mitsubishi eX electric SUV concept was officially revealed and the company has confirmed that they will be getting it into production within the end of 2020.

Inspired by Tesla’s own SUV model X, most automobile manufacturers are aiming to create their own version of the X with increased mile range. Mitsubishi has joined the league confirming that their upcoming SUV should at least have 250 miles on a single range and the car will totally rely on an electric motor to get the job done.


The concept car was earlier revealed in 2015 at the Tokyo Motor show and is once again showcased at the Geneva motor show. The pricing of the SUV is expected to be close to the Nissan Juke as Mitsubishi aims to compete with this particular model and any other vehicle in a similar price range.

“We are totally committed to making the change to fully electric cars. Creating full EVs is part of the design for Mitsubishi’s future,” said Lance Bradley, the brand’s current boss. It is not an innovative idea at the moment because the future looks very much electric for the entire automobile industry. Even companies that solely rely on gasoline engines to power their sports car like Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari are considering using electric motors.

The task of making these cars touch top speeds of 200 miles per hour or more using purely electric motors is not so easy yet it is something the automobile industry will be embracing real soon. The upcoming eX SUV from Mitsubishi is confirmed to be a compact model from the manufacturer designed to meet the requirements of the everyday commuter. It obviously stands for electric with the e and the X denotes that the car is a crossover.


When Mitsubishi is aiming to launch the concept car into a production model by 2020, they are not going to launch just one model but there will be five different models in the next five years. Each one of them will focus on satisfying the needs of a different customer criteria. The models expected to be out include an outlander, shogun, ASX among others. All of them will have an electric motor which enables Mitsubishi to cope up with their promise.

There is not much information available on the specifications of the electric compact crossover or its pricing as production model is a long way to go for now.

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