Mitsubishi is Going to Launch a New SUV Every Year

Launching a new SUV model every year is going to be a tough call even for one of the most established automobile manufacturers in the industry.

However, Mitsubishi is going to take up the challenge and will come up with a new sports utility vehicle every year. They will continue to do the same until 2021.

2016 Mitsubishi Lancer

Such an aggressive idea comes from the fact that the brand is really interested in disrupting the entire SUV market by bombarding buyers with a range of choices. They will be bringing the vehicles in all types and sizes ranging from small, medium to large variants. Their idea is to become a niche manufacturer in the segment so as to create a brand new consumer base for them right next to brands like Land Rover and Toyota.

Apart from creating sports utility vehicles in all sizes, Mitsubishi is also working on the idea of launching hybrids and all-electric powertrains. The next four years is going to be all about adding powertrains that run on batteries and create cars that could deliver the same performance as their gasoline counterparts do.

Talking about their future plans, Lance Bradley, the company’s CEO said that they have such a huge vision and it is to sell at least 45,000 cars a year, by the time 2021 falls in. The lineup is expected to be pretty huge with petrol, diesel, hybrids and electric powertrains.

The first lot of SUVs are finalized which includes the Nissan Juke, a bigger ASX, another Outlander to fill the mid-sized SUV category and the biggest models of them all – the Shogun Sport and Shogun.

While all these models are pretty basic, a new car designed to fill the spot between the Outlander and the ASX is expected to arrive. It is going to be a game changer according to the company. The car is built based on the XR-PHEV II which was already showcased at the 2015 Geneva motor show. It is set for an official launch in 2017.


With so many models coming out, it could be tough to segregate between them. The B-SUV which is an electric car is what is expected to help Mitsubishi create a niche audience for themselves and create a brand name. The models will start arriving one by one from next year onwards. They are sure to give a tough competition to the existing manufacturers who dominate the SUV market.

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