Most Wanted BMW M4 Sports Coupe to be Released Soon in the U.S.  

The best cars in the world are often constrained within the European market because majority of the manufacturers are based out of Europe.

They do have a strong global presence and companies like BMW are supposed to launch their newest vehicles worldwide. But, sadly they don’t, which is why the most wanted sports coupe of all time, the M4, never landed in the U.S. soil. However, it’s a thing of the past, as per the announcement made by the company in a preliminary event held in Pebble Beach this week.

BMW M4 Sports Coupe

The big Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is all set to take place in the venue where every manufacturer is readying to showcase their best cars. The M3 and M4 are not new versions to the buyers, because people own them in multiple continents. It is the turbocharged version that is going to make its first entry into the United States. The vehicle has been tuned and designed for trailblazing in high speed tracks. However, BMW did confirm that it is completely road legal and can be driven without receiving a ticket from the cop.

A bunch of changes can be found in the modified sports version of the M4 coupe, which includes a fully adjustable front splitter coupled with carbon fiber wings, which boost the speed on the road. The hood is made of carbon fiber, which plays an integral role in reducing the weight of the car, boosting its corners and splits the wind so that nothing slows it down.


Besides, the engine in the modified BMW M4 is powered by a water injection system. The system creates an artificial mist within which automatically cools the water that passes through the engine as a result of which it receives a boost of 60 horsepower.

Vehicles in the United States have different safety standards and emission control, which prevented BMW from bringing some of their best coupes into the country. The upcoming M4 which is scheduled for a 2017 launch will be in minimum quantities and only those who pre-order it earlier will gain a chance to own one.


The company opines that this is the right time to introduce the vehicle in the country and based on its success, more such models will make it in. Meanwhile, make sure to stay tuned, because more ecstatic car updates are going to pour in from the grand expo that commences in Pebble Beach shortly.

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