New 2018 Volkswagen CC Revealed to be High-Powered Dynamo

When most people think about Volkswagen as a brand, it’s often considered to be economical, affordable, and conservative yet trendy.

While this is all true, the new Volkswagen models will probably feature a lot sportier features, both inside the cabin and under the hood. This is especially true with the upcoming 2018 Volkswagen CC, a highly-secretive sports car that has finally been shown to be an incredibly fast ride.

2018 Volkswagen CC

While it isn’t a sports or racing-type car per se, the CC is going to be a game changer in the executive-line of luxury vehicles. Rather than marketing it as a race vehicle, the CC is expected to operate in line with other four-door sedans marketed to older professional-types. While it is certainly branded as an executive vehicle, don’t count on it being boring or slow by any means.

Part of Volkswagen’s rebranding in the coming years is its attempt to offer race-type speed with executive-branded luxury. As evidenced by early trials of the 2018 Volkswagen CC, it is certainly going to bring that sort of velocity and power to the road. While the VW Passat is considered the all-in-one, super-versatile vehicle, it has been rumored for some time now that VW is looking to field a new car as its replacement.

Many speculate that the upcoming CC is expected to serve as replacement for the aforementioned Passat, but as it stands, nothing has been confirmed in that regard. Based on early revelations concerning its silhouette and construction, many composite mock-ups have been constructed of the vehicle.

Aside from a standard CC sedan, many speculate that VW also plans to build a fleet of different silhouettes using the CC line as its base. While current CC models are all-gasoline, there are rumors that Volkswagen is looking to possibly hybrid plug-ins with the CC line.

2018 Volkswagen CC

While it remains to be seen just how much Volkswagen has in store, there is no doubt that the 2018 Volkswagen CC will be a major contributor for its fleet of the future.

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