New Cosmopolitan Debut Car is Designed Exclusively for Women

A new car was launched at the Fashion Fest event in London.

It was jointly produced by Cosmopolitan and Seat, said to be a vehicle exclusively made for Women.

Seat Mii by Cosmopolitan

Named the Seat Mii, this compact, easy to use and fuel efficient model is actually the Volkswagen Up! The same model has been rebadged with a couple of features and some minor changes to be known as the ladies’ car. An economy hatchback model is hardly something that we would expect to be unveiled at a fashion event but its practicality is what made it so an able choice.

From a different perspective, the new Seat Mii car introduced by Cosmopolitan is fuel efficient, safe and is highly affordable. These are some of the basic qualities that young women would look forward to in their cars. The color tone is a unique choice which may be preferred by some and may not be by others. The manufacturer has opted for a strong purple tone with champagne interiors and black undertones.

The automobile team has used a special eyeliner like design on the headlights to showcase that it belongs to the make-up conscious women. Definitely not a unique selling point for a car designed to impress the ladies or any buyer for that matter. After all, just because some do love the idea of using cosmetics doesn’t mean they want their car to look like a puffed up version of super models.

The purple paint could put off potential buyers but we can confirm the same only when it gets launched in stores. The design of the model looks very similar to the Volkswagen Up and the engineers didn’t work much to make it look fashionable. When a manufacturer calls their new launch as fun and fashion friendly, it is supposed to look sleek and stylish, which the newly launched Cosmopolitan Seat Mii isn’t!

Cosmopolitan Car for Women

“We have designed the car with Cosmopolitan readers in mind. It is an agile and exciting car to drive around. The compact size allows you to park it immediately in available space. It may also serve the purpose of changing your wardrobe on the go, do a karaoke performance or amazing gossip sessions with a bunch of friends. Everything is geared towards an individual and make you feel as if it was designed for you,” the statement reads in the official Cosmopolitan UK website.

The Seat Mii has also planned to launch a three door and five door version models later next year.

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