New Details of BMW Vision Next 100 Emerge with a Teaser Video

The BMW Vision Next 100 is a concept car and it is truly an innovative concept like never before.

Some of its features might sound as if the company is just pulling a prank but they are actually working to make it a possibility.


The copper made concept car from BMW was officially unveiled during its 100th anniversary party last month. The company provided very little information related to the model during the reveal. However, they have come up with much more details this time around including a teaser video that shows one of its futuristic technologies in action. Karim Habib, the leading designer at BMW is the man behind this idea.

The car is strikingly different because it is made from a singular body and the wheels are part of it unlike present day automobiles. There are no visible tires even though we do assume that they have rubberized parts to withstand the bumps of the road. All four wheels look like a stretched skin made using a complex combination of rods and actuator slides. The idea is very similar to 3D printing where an entire object is carved out of one plastic shell.

It features bucktooth kidney grilles and has a really low drive height. The front uses unique grille mesh and is filled to the brim with plenty of new technologies. It includes a radar to scan oncoming traffic, laser and plenty of video cameras. It’s not just BMW but majority of automobile manufacturers have started using cameras on their vehicles so as to create virtual heads up display inside the vehicle for hassle free driving.

Set for the future, the BMW Vision Next 100 obviously features an amazing HUD similar to the ones found in racing video games. Named as Alive Geometry, the windshield uses a huge display which provides all the information you could ever need including speed, distance covered and there is even a rumored feature which takes photographs of blind turns using Maps app. It warns a driver to slow down in case there’s someone on the other side.


Most auto companies imagine a future where cars and roads are interconnected. It makes it easier for them to communicate with one another leading to a completely connected and safe future where accidents are a thing of the past.

The interiors of the concept use Dakota leather, cashmere wool and recyclable plastic materials to offer an amazing level of comfort.

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