New Gen Honda CR-V to Get Seven Seater Edition in 2018

Honda CR-V is one of the most popular models from the company and is the top selling SUV in the region.

The car is about to get even bigger and when it does it can offer space for seven people with enough legroom for them room.

Honda CR-V

Almost every automobile manufacturer has been expanding their line up with a longer, extended version of their popular crossovers. Honda now joins the bandwagon with their popular SUV. The CR-V is a household name among buyers in Europe and many parts of the world. The comfort level, performance and affordable price tag made it an easy choice among buyers. The brand is looking forward to bet high on its popularity and increase the seating to seven passengers so as to reach more new buyers.

The next generation of the Honda CR-V scheduled to hit stores in 2018 will hit dealership stores in 2018. With two years ago, it might sound like a long time to wait but the company has plenty of other launches taking place this year and the next so as to keep people in the loop. There are some preview images available at the moment which showcases how the finished product could look. But, they are renderings and the engineers may make some drastic alterations so as to fit it on the new platform.

The crossover SUV is being built on a brand new platform. It is an obvious choice because existing platforms may not be able to support a seven seater setup. Even some of those that does may not offer space for luggage and offer headroom for the passengers. Apart from the new platform, Honda has also opted for multiple new powertrains to choose from. The larger CR-V is getting a third row for the first time history and it is a huge step for Honda as it is stepping into the extended cars segment ruled by companies like Mercedes Bens and Rolls Royce.

Honda CR-V 2018

Honda has always identified itself as an affordable brand and they might probably continue doing so with the larger CR-V. Pricing the model on par with a large car from Mercedes Benz could alienate their customers. By making it affordable, they will not only make existing buyers happy but will attract potential buyers to go for it. The new car is expected to compete against Land Rover’s Discover Sport, Sorento from Kia and Nissan’s X-Trail.

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