New Generation Aston Martin Speculated to Use V12 Engine with 700hp

The next generation Aston Martin Vanquish is coming and when it does the car is expected to be powered a twin turbo V12 engine.

Aston Martin

The powertrain is already being used by in the popular Aston Martin DB11 also known as the Bond car. The head of the brand has confirmed that the powertrain used in the car will be made in such a way that it has enough scope for further expansion in the future. The V12 engine is already powerful in its own regard but with the headroom to tweak its performance further, the car be customized in numerous ways in the near future.

A new Vanquish is being designed at the moment which will be much more powerful than the existing DB11 model. The car powered by the same V12 delivers 600 hp while the Vanquish is said to deliver a total of 700 horsepower with its base model. Besides, the announcement is obvious as the Vanquish is the top of the line variant provided by the brand Aston Martin. They are supposed to give it the extra edge and make it more powerful so that it justifies the price tag.

Speaking to a leading automobile magazine, Brian Fitzsimons who happens to be the lead powertrain engineer at Aston Martin commented that they have managed to push the V12 engine to deliver a total of 820 horsepower. It was done in test conditions with very low emission and better power output.

The Aston Martin DB11 is scheduled to hit showrooms in autumn this year and when it does it will be the first powerful launch from the brand. The Vanquish has more time to be tuned and the auto manufacturer is probably planning to bring it out next year so that the flagship doesn’t collide with their most popular model. When it comes out, it will definitely pose a tough competition for the Ferrari F12 which renders 731 horsepower.

Aston Martin V12 interior

The V12 engine is considered to be a versatile choice and Aston Martin has planned to electrify the model in the future when the time comes. Most companies are moving towards hybrids and fully electric cars by 2018. The brand will follow the same pattern so that they could cope up with the changing automobile industry and stringent emission regulations. Newer models from the company is expected to be powered by the V8 and the V12 engine as the engineering team believes they still have scope to harness their power.

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