New Leaked 2016 Honda Civic Images Show Exterior Design Changes

Honda Civic and Accord are the most popular vehicles from the brand for many years now. The new model features some of the much needed changes that buyers have been looking forward for a long time now.

A person who is part of the CivicX community has managed to capture some close-up shots of the 2016 Honda Civic parked in the Ann Arbor region. The CivicX is one of the popular communities where everyone is a proud owner of Civic and love the model than any other variant from Honda. The people in the group are visibly excited by the fact that they have got the opportunity to look at their favorite car before it was officially unveiled to the world.


In terms of design, the 2016 Honda Civic is exceptionally similar to the Civic Coupe that the company showcased during the New York International Auto Show that was held earlier this year. The designers have added a lot of stylish features to the car including the curved, seamless tail lamps, an exhaust mounted in the middle of the body and the impressive accentuated lines that run along the sides.

Everything about the new Civic looks promising so far and if you have questions, you may have to wait a little longer. The official reveal is expected to take place in a day or so; while the company is also busy gearing up for their Civic Type-R launch this September. It is expected that the online event scheduled for September 16th will be the platform from which Honda will reveal their 10th gen sedan, a Coupe as well as the five door hatchback model in the Civic series.

The launch takes place at the same time when the Frankfurt Auto Show is underway in full swing. Honda is yet to talk about hybrids and electric cars, but almost every one of their competitors is busy showing concept cars. Tesla is the biggest player in the market at the moment and they have proven their mettle, whereas others, like Porsche, BMW, Audi, Chevrolet and Toyota are catching up.


Even though, a select group of customers show interest in opting for the fuel efficient, eco-friendly hybrid models, it may be years before people decide to ditch the hugely popular Civic series. Powered by gasoline engines, they are reliable, have the latest technology integrated into them and come from a brand that has strong patronage among the buyers around the globe.

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