New Mercedes AMG C 63 Spotted Testing on the Roads

Mercedes AMG is building a more powerful C 63 version which was spotted testing on the roads.

The new hardcore version of the car is expected to be more powerful and is camouflaged heavily giving us very little idea of what the model looks like.

New Mercedes AMG C 63

Recently, a test mule was spotted at the Nurburgring track and it was completely undisguised for the first time in many months. The car uses a large rear wing making it look extremely sporty and from the overall design, it is confirmed that the new Mercedes AMG C 63 is going against the BMW M4 GTS. It will also pose an equal competition to other models in the segment.

Going by the components used in the model, the car is obviously designed to offer the best of aerodynamics and should have an increased downforce. The front is dominated by a large splitter with winglets and you can also spot black bootlid in the back. Mercedes brand is trying out new body panels to confirm the one that best fits their requirement. A lot of carbon fiber material has been used to significantly reduce the weight of the car.

It is also expected that Mercedes will remove the rear seats as it will help them reduce the total weight. The car weighs 1,800 kilograms which will witness considerable reduction without the rear seats in place. Whenever there is a performance model from Mercedes, especially with AMG it is supposed to have the best tweaked version of the powertrain under the hood. The AMG C63 will feature a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine capable of delivering 503 horsepower in the S model.

The GT R version already delivers about 577 horsepower and there is still room for improvement. We don’t have actual numbers but it will definitely be higher than the one already being rendered by the GT R edition. More improvements are expected to be found under the hood including stiffer springs, dampers and aggressive tires that stick to the ground giving complete control over the car even when driving at maximum speed.

Mercedes AMG C 63 Spotted Testing

With such special features, the more powerful version of the Mercedes AMG C 63 will be limited in numbers. The brand has not revealed the actual specifications of the car as they are still finalizing the engine and its overall horsepower. They have also not confirmed its pricing but being a hyper car it obviously will not have a cheap price tag.

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