New Mercedes AMG McLaren SLR is a Supercar with 1000 HP

Mercedes Benz and McLaren are equally powerful automobile manufacturers with an impressive track record in building amazing super cars.

The companies are teaming up again to come up with the most powerful and fastest supercar in recent times. They are working on a project to build a McLaren SLR which will deliver an insanely high 1000 horsepower. We are really not sure how such a fast car could be driven on the road, but it might be focused more on race tracks than on civilian roads.

Mercedes-AMG SL, R 231, 2015

In their joint venture, the brands earlier built the Mercedes McLaren SLR which boasts of 617 horsepower and has 580 pound feet of torque. It was the first car to set a new benchmark right next to Ferrari’s own Enzo. Both cars competed in having the highest acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour. Inspired by the cars they created, other manufacturers followed suit. Porsche launched the Carrera GT in the year 2004 followed by a brand new Bugatti Veyron.

The models that were inspired by the Mercedes McLaren SLR gave it a tough fight in the industry. They didn’t rest and launched the all-new 722 edition of the same car which had 640 horsepower followed by the SLS AMG in the year 2010.

The world of performance based sports cars continued to grow without respite. Corvette and Dodge launched their own supercars during the same year. With so much competition, the McLaren and Mercedes name is at stake. They are supposed to show that they are still the market leaders which will soon be made possible by the SLR supercar which boasts of a 1000 horsepower.

There will be three different variants of supercars available. One of them will be a coupe, another a convertible and the Black series. According to official reports, Mercedes will build 3,000 units of these fast cars. The pricing is expected to be somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000.

2016 Mercedes Benz; 2016 GLE 450 AMG 4Matic

Among the list of launches, the hypercar is going to top the list, which will surprisingly be a hybrid as well. A V8 engine along with two electric motors will be used in the car. Being a highly experimental idea, only 500 units of the hyper car featuring carbon fiber body will be built. Based on buyer support, more models could be manufactured and launched for the general public. If the duo makes it possible, they will set another benchmark for automobile manufacturers.

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