New Tesla Model X Buyers can Customize Color, Wheel Size and Ludicrous Speed

The vision pioneered by Elon Musk of Tesla is now complete as the company steps into the premium category, where companies allow their customers to customize their vehicle, the way they like it.

Not all manufacturers can boast of such an option, because it costs a lot and requires more attention to detail, as each buyer may have a different expectation for their car. Besides, creating an all-electric vehicle is difficult by itself, let alone the option of allowing the buyers to choose their add-ons. With Tesla Model X Signature edition, the manufacturer has smashed all barriers and the forums are now being flooded with images of the customization window.

Tesla Model X

However, the offer is limited and will probably be ending by now. The first batch of customers who pre-order the all-electric sports utility vehicle will be able to choose a custom paint job for their Model X, its wheel size and achieve impressive speed with the help of the ludicrous mode.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that the pre-orders and customization are supposed to end by August so that they can start delivering the vehicles before the end of September. The colors available include Deep blue, Signature Red and Titanium, besides six other variants. Based on the size of the wheel you choose, the vehicle’s stability, speed and mileage will vary. The ‘Ludicrous Mode’ will cost $10,000 but the manufacturer confirmed that it is a worthy addition for people who love speed.

For buyers who don’t care much about customization but are looking forward to buying the basic model, the Tesla Model X Signature edition will cost $132,000. The state levied taxes and local incentives are not included in the pricing. The vehicle is powered by a 90 kilowatt battery which delivers an amazing range of 240 miles on a full charge.

Tesla Model X Australia

It is an all-wheel drive SUV which boasts of a couple of impressive features including ‘Falcon Wing’ doors, automatic sensors that detect the height of a garage, rear hitch, emergency braking, power folding and heated side mirrors. Tesla Model X drivers can enjoy free long distance travel plans powered by the company’s supercharger network.

Once a customer signs up with the company and specifies their destination, the representatives will suggest the charging points where they could recharge their car free of cost and continue their journey without spending a penny on fuel costs. It’s another marketing strategy, a good one at that to encourage buyers to go all-electric.

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