New Twitter Teaser Confirm 2021 Ford Puma ST Release Date

The pandemic has completely influenced how marketing materials are handled. The 2021 Ford Puma ST got a teaser video online but the focus was not on the vehicle.

Rather, it was based on providing a message to people on the importance of social distancing but luckily the team also revealed the release date of the vehicle.

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In a time when most product launches are either getting delayed or postponed, a new teaser trailer is something to behold. The video is not going to simply excite you, it is a welcome addition and something from the good old world that most people miss these days. You will also be able to purchase the car in your region based on availability and if Ford showrooms will house the new variant once it gets officially revealed on the specific date.

A Clue at the End of the Video

The teaser trailer for the Puma ST was well done because everything has been subtly wrapped into the entire video. Just a second before the teaser completely ends, the automobile manufacturer has revealed the release date for the car. According to this video found on Twitter, the model will get launched on the 24th of September which is just two months to go. The platform on which the hatchback is being built remains the same but it will be sportier with a sleek design, exceptional features in the dashboard and an overall build that will promote the best performance in its class.

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The best aspect of buying some of these hatch variants is that they are easy to drive, compact and feature-packed to the brim considering how inexpensive they are. Most buyers in different countries wouldn’t think twice before going for a hatchback for the convenience it offers. On the powertrain front, the upcoming 2021 Ford Puma ST will be equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine.

Improved yet Affordable

Based on the information we have right now, it will easily deliver about 197 horsepower combined with 214lb feet of torque. The engine will be mated to a six-speed manual transmission engine and it is quite unique compared to the long line up of automatic gearboxes being launched in recent times. The car can easily go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 7 seconds which is great for a vehicle in the hatch series. The 2021 Puma ST will also gain that distinct look through its sporty wheels, long spoilers and the bumpers that help it stand in a crowded market with its own unique traits.

2021 Ford Puma ST

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