Next Audi A8 Gets Hybrid Powertrain and Electric Turbo Technology

It’s time to embrace new technology in the world of automobiles and Audi is going to do just that by incorporation mild hybrid tech in their upcoming next gen A8 model.

The information was officially confirmed by the company and it will be incorporated in all the 2017 models.


The existing SQ7 already uses a 48v electrical system which will be adopted in the new A8 and it will also be integrated with the electric turbo system. According to the brand, the new turbo tech makes it easier for the car to provide the low-end response of the car. The experience will be even across the hybrid and non-hybrid models the company has to offer.

The term mild hybrid is being repeatedly used by Audi because the makers are keen to not to drastically increase the price tag of the vehicle. By keeping the price point as low as possible, they can continue to attract buyers while adding improvements to the upcoming models. Mild hybrid incorporates an electric motor to the car but it isn’t overly innovative thus helping the brand keep the pricing under control.

Technologies to be expected in the new vehicle include active roll control, gesture control, and organic LED lighting for promoting better planetary awareness. Autonomous technology is another area where Audi wants to create a stronghold and the upcoming A8 is going to be an experimental launch in terms of self-driving tech.

An excellent level of awareness is created around the car to allow it to drive without the help of a human driver. The vehicle is equipped with 12 ultrasonic sensors to make use of sound tech, laser scanners and there are multiple high resolution video cameras which keep sending visual inputs to the car’s processing system. When the innovations are combined, it makes it easier for the vehicle to cruise through highways and even in congested traffic conditions. Audi confirmed that their A8 should be able to cruise at a maximum speed of 37 miles per hour autonomously even when the road is jammed.


While most automobile companies have not admitted yet, Audi was audacious to agree that over ninety percent of the innovations set for the future will be based on electronics. There is little innovation to be done in terms of speed and horsepower where things like autonomous driving and hybrid powertrains have plenty of scope to expand. The new Audi A8 will draw design inspirations from the Prologue concept car.

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