Next Gen Audi Q2 Crossover Specs and Pricing Details Revealed

The next trend of cars is dominated by the supermini crossovers.

Nissan Juke was the first in the series which will be soon be joined by the next gen Audi Q2 crossover.

Audi Q2

A wide range of new features are being implemented with the new car including the stylish floating blade c-pillar with colorful trims, new front fascia and rear finish. The idea is to appeal to youngsters and convince them to buy Audis. The brand has been associated for a long time with older people which has made the top executives revise their strategy so as to explore the untapped market. The Q2 is being referred to as the Trojan horse by reviewers because on the inside it is the Audi that people have come to love but significant changes are made to the exterior to attract the younger generation.

The new, sporty design Audi Q2 crossover was originally revealed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. After the initial launch, the company brought it to UK in an auto show held in London. The car is the smallest one available in the Q family. The brand executives have confirmed that they will launch the model in dealership stores this November. Audi is bringing the Q2 into competition so as to go against the likes of BMW X2 and the Mercedes GLA. Both vehicles are enjoying amazing sales which triggered the company to come up with a compact crossover for their audience.

Design elements of the next generation Q2 crossover is borrowed from the Crosslane Coupe concept revealed at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. It was originally a two door SUV coupe which has been custom modified so as to make it into a door model. The grille found in the model remains the same but the C-pillar stands out of the rest combined with an egg crate slat. Audi has significantly expanded the number of colors available. There are twelve new colors being offered including dour greys, a new blue and different shades of black.

Audi Q2 Crossover

Buyers will have the option to customize their vehicle based on their individual requirements. They can go for 16-inch or 10-inch alloy wheels, choose the interior inlay color and piping colors on the screen. They can even pick the cloth material according to their requirement. Options available include alcantara or leather materials. Newer features incorporated in the Q2 crossover include smartphone connectivity, wireless phone charging and a surround sound system provided by Bang & Olufsen.

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