Next Gen Audi Q5 is Designed to Take Down the Mercedes GLC

Audi is getting ready to fight against the industry rulers including Mercedes Benz and BMW. The company’s next gen luxury sedan is ready.

The Q5 is designed to take down the GLC and the X3, all at once.

2016 Audi Q5

The company has confirmed that they will be building the SUV on the MLB platform, which is the proprietary model for all latest Volkswagen family cars. It allows the designers to introduce a wide range of safety features in the vehicle as well as luxury add-ons. The additional space not only allows cargo area and headroom for all passengers, but the team has managed to keep the weight of the car low. Carbon fiber materials contribute a lot to this accomplishment and the next gen model is at least 100 kilograms lighter.

Audi has decided to keep the Q5 to support all four-wheel drive, even in the basic trim line variant. The powertrains available including the petrol and diesel models will be left largely untouched. The V6 engine is considered to be a unique sales point for their cars and the tradition will continue with this one.

With the help of a five link system, the automobile manufacturer has considerably reduced the pressure on the air suspension of the car. The links connect the front and rear axle to offer an even bounce when running on top of cranky roads. It provides the smoothest experience for riders and more control over the car even at top speeds, confirmed Audi engineers.

Being an SUV, it is supposed to look rugged and a bit chunkier. After all, lighter cars may never appeal to the general crowd because the sole purpose of buying one is to have a robust vehicle. Audi has made the newest version of the Q5 to look beefier than the Q7, which met with negative criticism from the public and car enthusiasts.


Above all, they have worked a lot on the interiors of the vehicle with an amazing dashboard powered by the Nvidia processor. While you are definitely not going to play a game on this one, it provides an aeroplane cockpit inspired instrument panel, Google maps, mobile integration and many more convenient services.

With a 500 horsepower engine, the SUV is expected to hit 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 4 seconds. For such a large car, this is a pretty good number and obviously Audi is all set to take down its serious competitors.

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