Next Gen Audi Q5 Will be Lighter, Faster with 300 kW RS3 Motor

After making the buyers wait for a long time, it looks like Audi is finally ready to offer a RS version for their popular SUV the Q5.

According to inside sources, it has been confirmed that the bigger, better SUV is coming to make life easier for those travel a lot with a lot of luggage. Apart from being faster, obviously because of the 300 kW RS3 motor, the car is expected to be much lighter. It will be at least 100 kilograms less in weight because of the carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum spares that Audi plans to make use of.

2016 Audi Q5

The suspension components used in the next Audi Q5 is the one that is already in use by the Porsche Macan. The car will be built on top of the MQD architecture, which the Volkswagen group has been using in all their vehicles, as well as in cars that are manufactured by brands owned by VW.

The RS version of the SUV will be powered by a 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine and uses seven speed dual auto clutch transmission system. The car can easily accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just five seconds or lesser. A full version of the RS is expected to be out, after the compact model gets launched.

However, the only catch is that there is no proper timeline announced at the moment. From the looks of it, Audi is probably planning to get the year over with. They are in a position to launch new models but talking about them in 2015 doesn’t make sense. The first auto expo for 2016 is scheduled for January while the bigger Geneva Motor Show will take place in the next three months.


All these expos give more than enough space for Audi as well as other manufacturers to proudly showcase some of their best makes. Apart from creating bigger and better gasoline powered cars, most brands are going to launch plug-in or hybrid version of their popular models for sure. All-electric cars are being preferred by buyers except for the fact that they don’t offer enough mileage as people want it to. If Tesla and other companies could make them readily affordable, we will soon have cars that never have to stop in a gas station ever again.

Get ready for a fully autonomous, gasoline free future where cars probably can drive on their own!

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