Next Gen BMW 1 Series and 2 Series May Feature Front Wheel Drive

The designers at BMW are getting ready to launch next generation versions of the 1 series and 2 series cars. According to a recent update, the automobile company is planning to make them both as front wheel drive vehicles.

The research and development team at BMW has been working, trying to implement new technologies for a while now. The company is now keen to experiment which is evident from their decision to opt for a UKL powered front wheel drive system instead of the conventional rear wheel drive technology.


Talking about the rumoured change, the company’s top executives commented that they are judging multiple options before finalizing the right one. However, they do have time till the end of the year before confirming whether next BMW 1 series and 2 series will feature a front wheel or a back wheel drive.

Even though, official sources didn’t confirm this news, a German website has confirmed that BMW is going to go with a front wheel drive as planned without delaying it further. After all, this is a time when most automobile companies are experimenting with automatic cars and electric motors. Hesitating to make a small change may get the brand nowhere which is why the team unanimously decided to go with it next year.

In other opinion, it has been declared that people who purchase BMW cars are not at all happy with the company opting for a front wheel drive system. They want it to focus on increasing performance, stability and comfort level of their vehicles rather than introducing all new stuff that may or may not blend well with the community’s expectation.


The brand however opines that by changing the platform, they will be able to offer vehicles that are exceptionally affordable and also create small cars that are easy to drive in congested regions. With so many ardent fans around the globe, it is not easy for the company to take such a bold step forward and make drastic changes to their vehicle. They are mulling over the idea and may probably choose to restrict it to specific models or regions based on what buyers like in that zone instead of introducing it to everyone, which might affect sales.

We may have to wait for a month before BMW makes their decision official and if they go with the FWD for the 1 series and 2 series, it could be the beginning of a new era.

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