Next Gen BMW 3 Series Ready To Hit Stores With All-Electric Powertrain

The list of electric vehicles ready to hit stores is growing with the all new BMW 3 series ready to join the competition.

Tesla announced Model 3 which is going to face some stiff competition from all top makers including BMW.

2016 BMW 340i

The German automobile manufacturer is ready to go out on all-out fight against the growing list of electric vehicles. After all, BMW has a strong reputation among buyers around the globe. If they are quick to upgrade their most wanted variants like the BMW 3 series, they can get to the people real soon before anyone else does. Honda, Nissan and Chevrolet have their own versions of the EVs ready to be out in the year 2018.

If we are to go by the specifications and the rumors surrounding them, the next generation BMW 3 series could be a direct competitor to Tesla’s Model 3 car. It is the first ever cheap electric variant to get launched with a $35,000 price tag and 200-mile range. Compared to the current version which has a plug-in hybrid system, the new generation is a significant upgrade in terms of powertrain and performance.

The car is designed and built on top of the cluster architecture also known as CLAR designed by BMW specifically for the electric cars. The particular platform allows them to mount an electric motor and in any future models, it is possible to use dual motors or other components required to increase the performance of an EV. BMW proudly announced that they have worked on making CLAR the best electric vehicle platform and will demonstrate its capability with the next gen BMW 3 series models.

2016 BMW 340i front

Based on the claim made by an automobile magazine, the BMW 3 series model will use a 90 kilowatt battery pack. The huge battery should easily provide up to 300 miles on a single charge which when priced right could finally make electric vehicles readily acceptable. The performance is much higher than the benchmark set by Tesla with their Model 3 car. A 35K price tag could simply beat Model 3 out of the competition but we can hardly compete on these aspects until both cars get officially launched.

CLAR is not new to BMW users because it was already debuted with the 7 series flagship sedan but is going to lose significant weight before being used in the BMW 3 series model to accomplish its immediate goals.

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