Next Gen Citroen Space Tourer will be Larger, Built on C4 Picasso Platform

Citroen confirmed their decision to show the next gen Space Tourer van at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show where they will be discussing more about its design, features and most importantly the brand new C4 Picasso platform.

The van, on launch, will be available in three different body sizes to pick from. Even though, there is no confirmed release date yet, Citroen confirmed that they will be launching the vehicle to buyers before the end of 2016. It has also been revealed that the new Space Tourer is going to be the replacement for the Dispatch Combi model, but will continue to use its name until a very own recognizable brand image has formed for the Tourer.

Citroen Space Tourer  1

While the shortest of the van measures 4.6 meters in length, the longest one in their offering is 5.3 meters length. Buyers have the option to choose from a five seater van, all the way up to a really large nine seater model, if they like to. That’s plenty of options especially for someone with a large family or companies looking forward to transport their customers in a comfortable manner.

With the C4 Picasso platform, the Citroen Space Tourer will have the best legroom with enough space for every passenger and headroom, even if all nine of them are seated in for extended hours. Besides, with the new platform, the designers were able to space the seats in such a way that access to the rear seat is unrestricted.

There will only be two different trim levels to choose from. Keeping it at the minimal level definitely has its own set of advantages. The Citroen Space Tourer has a Feel and Business trim line variants. As the name suggests, the former will be solely aimed at family buyers, while the latter is for organizations. It is aimed at solving the requirement of transport companies, airlines and car service providers.

Designers are aiming at the 1.6-liter Blue HDI diesel engines to be the primary model, as it is fuel efficient, cost friendly and offers the best return on investment for business owners. The van offers 55.4 miles per gallon of diesel with horsepower ranging from 95 to 178 hp.

Citroen Space Tourer

A wide range of safety features are already incorporated into the earlier models which will be retained in the next gen van as well, including lane departure warning, cruise control, collision alert and more. It also supports Apple Car Play, Mirror Link and has a 7-inch touch display for entertainment navigation.

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