Next Gen Mercedes A-Class On A Brand New Platform Heading For 2018 Launch

In the year 2012, Mercedes Benz revamped their A-Class MPV into a hatchback and it was warmly welcomed by buyers.

Mercedes A-Class 2018

However, it wasn’t the best iteration and the brand aims to change it one more time in 2018.

After a solid six years, a new Mercedes Benz A-Class is heading to the stores. A possible  is speculated at the moment. When it gets launched, the fourth generation model aims to offer increased legroom for its passengers besides better driving and fuel economy. The model will launch in the said year in UK besides a couple of other regions.

The most significant change is expected to be the brand new platform Mercedes is going to go with. While they are going to retain the same front wheel drive system, a new MFA2 platform is being designed at the moment. The notable issues with the existing MFA platform will be fixed by making it bigger and wider. The wheelbase will obviously be expanded which is supposed to increase the load capacity of the car to 400 liters or higher. The current model offers a meager 341 liters of load capacity.

With the new platform, passengers will have better legroom and space to sit comfortably on long journeys. The car will look stretched and necessary modifications are to be made to make it look compact rather than be a replica of a limousine. A lighting signature is to be used in the new headlamps and a two-part light cluster for the rear end. The car will be a five door model as confirmed by the company.

Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes Benz confirmed in an earlier interview that they have no plans to add a three door variant to the A-class anytime now. On the inside, you will find it being powered by a 2.1-liter diesel engine. The powertrain is probably outdated by now but it still is reliable in terms of fuel economy and performance. A different trimline might feature a modular diesel engine that Mercedes is working on at the moment. Output capacity is expected to be between 160 and 190 horsepower.

With a view on staying relevant in the automobile market, Mercedes has couple of new models and technologies to debut in the coming months. They have promised to launch at least ten different plug-in hybrid models by 2017. The Mercedes AMG team is working on their own version of A-Class which is being pushed to achieve a total of 400 horsepower.

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