Next Gen MG Is Coming To Beat The Nissan Juke

A brand new next generation MG is under production and when the model finally hits dealership stores, it is expected to give a really tough contention to the Nissan Juke.


Instead of focusing directly on the Nissan Qashqai which is the strongly competed SUV segment, MG has an altogether different plan to keep things simple. They are going towards the supermini SUV market which is yet to get populated and has very limited models available. The brand can acquire a major share of the buyer group by focusing on a completely new segment. It is going to directly compete with the Nissan Juke and may possibly lead to a larger version with seven seats, if people demand it.

Head of the marketing department at MG, Matthew Cheyne had lot to share about the present market situation. He declared that SUVs and crossovers are growing at a phenomenal rate. Every automobile brand has to focus on it and deliver. There is no option to ignore this growth which has grabbed the attention of MG as well. They have started working on the GS long back and has plenty of official information to share now.

Cheyne confirmed that the new MG is being constructed on a platform which was originally designed for smaller cars but later adopted for this supermini SUV. It is said to be powered by a 1.5-liter petrol engine and has six speed manual gearbox. An optional upgrade will allow buyers to change it to a seven speed automatic DCT transmission system. It’s all being confirmed based on the existing GS which already uses the same powertrain and gear system.

MG SUV 2016

Fuel efficiency of the model is again geared towards the benchmark set by the Nissan Juke. It is set to offer 50 miles per gallon or more so as to convince buyers to go for the SUV offered by MG. There is no word on the official pricing of the wagon as it is still in its production stages. MG is keen on pricing it competitively, in other words less than the Juke to beat competition and experience amazing sales.

The next generation car is all set for a grand launch in 2017. It is slated for reveal at the Beijing motor show next year. Earlier, the company revealed the concept at the same expo in 2012 and they might do it one more time next year to amaze the crowd.

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