Next Gen MINI Countryman Spotted Without Camouflage

The next gen MINI countryman is just months away from the big reveal.

MINI Countryman

The brand took it for a ride in the open with hardly any camouflage and the spy photographers didn’t miss the opportunity.

The Countryman is scheduled to go live this winter. It holds a prestigious position for being the oldest car in the MINI lineup. The model was first revealed in 2010 and continues to witness decent sales which allowed the auto manufacturer to keep refreshing the series. A new generation of the Countryman is scheduled to get launched this year. The prototype version of the model is still yet to be finalized for production.

The spy pictures of the MINI Countryman is probably the final design and we assume it won’t undergo any major changes from now on. The photos should allow you to get a fair idea of how the model would look like. There are no dramatical changes which is a welcome addition. Owners of the model can comfortably go for the newer edition as changes are minimal.

According to MINI representative, the model has been going strong and sells good which allowed them to go with the same design. Besides, the particular segment is becoming increasingly popular with enough demand. The Countryman is probably going to be the best selling model for the brand for another year or so. The front retains the same square edged design while a chunkier finish is given to the side line.

The newest edition of the MINI Countryman has lower body cladding, rugged wheel arches and kind of boxy which is the trend among latest crossovers. A bigger version of the car is heading to the stores this year. It is a welcome addition as with better legroom and headroom passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride. The change is made possible by the UKL1 platform. It offers a wheelbase which is 4.2 meters longer than the outgoing model.

Next Gen MINI Countryman Spotted Without Camouflage

On the inside, the model is powered by a three cylinder and four-cylinder petrol engines. Diesel engine variants will also be provided. The powertrains range from 1.5 liter to 2.0 liter rendering up to 220 horsepower. It is an approximate estimate and actual performance numbers of the crossover could vary. It can be confirmed after the model is out to the general public. A plug-in hybrid variant of the MINI Countryman is also expected to join the lineup when the car hits stores this December.

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