Next Gen Nissan GT-R Coming to New York Auto Show

While the teaser image released for the next generation Nissan GT-R doesn’t reveal much of the car’s specification and design, we can safely assume that Nissan wouldn’t be bringing a brand new model without some significant additions to it.

In the teaser image, it is hard to make out the content because all it shows is the tail light of the car. It could be a refreshed model of the same with very minor changes or something much better than anticipated. Either way, a new model is coming to revamp the existing GT-R and fans who love the particular variant are sure to be excited about it. Since its debut, the car has been refreshed multiple times by Nissan. Most of these changes didn’t bring anything exciting to the table except for the one time where they made it more powerful than its predecessor.


The Nissan GT-R which used to deliver 485 horsepower was boosted to render 545 horsepower which is a significant improvement. The pound feet of torque was also increased from 434 to 463. From a sports car like this one, most people would expect the best speed and acceleration. GT-R has been capably handling this requirement well for a long time now. There are plenty of iterations in the lineup but the most powerful of them all is the GT-R Nismo. The top end variant offers 600 horsepower combined with 481 lb feet of torque.

Additional features found in the Nismo include cooling ducts for the front and rear brakes, custom tuned suspension setup, and an additional aerodynamics package which uses a fixed rear wing. Buyers can upgrade the car to a titanium exhaust system to reduce the overall weight gaining better traction and grip on the road. The brand has confirmed that they will be unveiling the new GT-R at the New York auto show.

The event is scheduled to commence on March 25th which is just a week to go where all the big players in the automobile industry are heading to showcase their best cars. Nissan will be one among them. The GT-R teaser shows the car’s tail light but keeps every other detail under wraps. More models from the brand can be expected to be out at this show.


You can check out the teaser image in here and keep guessing the powertrain Nissan might go opt for as well as the pricing. But, the GT-R being a sports car enthusiasts’ choice, it is hardly going to have an impact among the common buyer.

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