Next Gen Porsche Cayenne Spotted Testing In Spain

Spy photographers are one busy lot and they have managed to capture the next generation Porsche Cayenne in action. The car is being tested in Spain under hot weather conditions.

Porsche Cayenne

Good news is, the spy pictures showcase the actual car with no camouflage at all. For some, this could be disappointing but the people at Porsche has decided to go with a completely conventional design with no big changes. The Cayenne continues to stick with the tradition the company has developed over the years. There aren’t any big modifications done to the model which should make sure all existing customers are retained within the brand.

Similar to the outgoing model, the next generation Porsche Cayenne has a long nose which is proprietary in all Porsche models. The raked roofline and the spoiler mounted on the rear windows have been maintained to keep it close to its roots. In the prototype version, we can spot new creases which are together on the hood. Some parts of the car had been camouflaged as the company probably didn’t confirm its production version yet.

There could be tweaks done at the last minute but they aren’t going to be drastic. The spy pictures confirmed that the Cayenne’s rear end was covered. It leads to a conclusion that Porsche might be looking at redesigning the taillights to give it a much sportier look. We may be wrong but this should be the most obvious move to make the car more appealing to the younger generation.

Some of the design factors found in the Cayenne resemble the 2017 Porsche Panamera. In the new generation Panamera, the automobile brand has opted for a clean dashboard and interior finish. The interiors don’t feature too many buttons as it used as the touchscreen display takes care most of the functions. Instead of making it look congested with multiple buttons and control system, a cleaner look is what most buyers would prefer.

 Porsche Cayenne Rear

When the original Porsche Cayenne was launched in 2003, it was the first ever luxury SUV to hit the US market. It created a whole new range of models and enticed buyers into going for it. Ever since then, Porsche and other manufacturers have been going strong in the category. Despite the huge success, the company refrained from redesigning the model completely up until 2011. With the new design, feature upgrades and performance tweaks, it could make some noise in the market this year.

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