Next Gen Renault Zoe with 250-Mile Range Unveiled

The electric car segment has a new entrant, the upgraded Renault Zoe which now boasts of an impressive 250-mile range and the base model of the car is priced at £13,995.

The entry level variant is named as Expression Nav and is the cheapest EV that you could get your hands on in the UK region. However, when you are looking forward to experience the promised 250 miles travel, this is not the variant to go for. To keep costs under the affordable range, the auto manufacturer uses a smaller battery which provides about 149 miles on a single charge. The higher end models powered by a 41 kW battery offers the 250 miles range and pricing for these variants begin at £17,845 which includes the plug-in grant provided by the government.

Renault Zoe

Renault has confirmed that the next generation Zoe will be delivered to customers in the month of January. You can place an order today and get it delivered in two months, once the model is available in stores. The best of the all-electric supermini can be experienced when you choose to buy the Signature Nav trim. The features included in this trimline are heated leather seats, rear parking camera for easy navigation, 16-inch alloy wheels and a surround sound system provided by Bose audio. The other variants available include the entry level Expression Nav and the Dynamic Nav priced at £18,595. Both these models make use of satellite navigation technology.

Renault offers new paint variants – the Titanium Grey and the Mars Red. Ytirum Grey is another exclusive color tone offered by the game which is available only with the Signature Nav trim level. The EV is a promising entry from Renault. Zoe was launched at the Paris motor show this September and boasts of a large 41kW battery. With fast charging option, it can be charged up to 80 percent in just an hour. Buyers do have to pay £750 extra in order to equip their car with this particular feature.

Renault Zoe 250-Mile

While on paper it promises an easy 250 miles, real world performance could be close to 190 miles. The next gen Renault Zoe uses R-Link infotainment system and lots of other features to ensure a comfortable ride. Buyers will also have the option to upgrade their older model with the new battery to receive similar mile range. Another Tesla Model 3 rival is in the making even before the car is out.

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