Next Gen Skoda Fabia SUV is Coming to Compete with Nissan Juke

The auto brand has confirmed that they are going to go with a production version of the Skoda Fabia SUV.

It will be a direct competitor for the Nissan Juke when it gets officially launched.

Revealing more information about the next generation SUV, the company’s executives commented that the Fabia will be a practical choice for buyers who like their cars to be spacious, fuel efficient and packed to the brim with features to make travelling fun. When it hits dealership stores, the SUV will compete with Juke from Nissan and the C4 Cactus by Citroen.

Skoda Fabia SUV

A bunch of exclusive images were released online giving car enthusiasts a vague idea of how the upcoming model would look like. A couple of weeks ago, the firm launched a teaser sketch of the concept car. The firm’s board member recently commented that the project is well under way. Skoda can no longer ignore the small crossover SUV market and are interested in creating something worthwhile following the Yeti and the Kodiaq.

Skoda from the Volkswagen family is about to bring a small SUV Fabia which will have tough competition when it gets launched. SEAT confirmed during the recent Paris motor show that they are about to launch a new model named the Arona. It is slated to get launched before the end of 2017.

Customers who are interested in buying small SUVs often complain that they don’t offer any practicality in terms of space and are very similar to superminis. Addressing the issue, the next gen Skoda Fabia is expected to be slightly larger in size. It might even undergo a name change before the official launch. The team considered registering two names including Airon and Aratan.

Based on the information gathered so far, the upcoming SUV will be longer and wider in appearance. Instead of trying to deliver a beefed up version of the supermini, the design engineers are doing their best to come up with a brand new model that stands apart in terms of style, practicality and sets a new benchmark for other cars in the segment.

Next Gen Skoda Fabia SUV

The upcoming car could be constructed on top of the MQB platform and use some of the older components to keep the pricing under control. The team also added that they will be working closely with other brands to bring in their technologies to the Volkswagen group. A creative approach paved way for the successful Yeti and VW group aims to recreate the same.


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