Next Generation 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Will Look and Feel Premium

Mercedes-Benz is already working on a new 2016 E-Class model that should debut early in 2016. Up until now, nobody outside of Mercedes-Benz knew how the car would look or what the performances will be.

However, a rendered image, courtesy of RM Design shows what might be in store for the next generation of the E-Class. Take the picture with a grain of salt, as nothing is certain. However, some features are already rumored, as well as the possible engines and performances of the car.

mercedes-benz e-class

Let’s start from the design that will experience some changes and tweaks. We have previously seen some of the spy shots of the new E-class. The pictures clearly show resemblance in the lines to the already announced C and S class. The 2016 E-Class will ride on the same MRA platform that has a goal to increase the size and lose weight. Expect the next generation of the sedan to be bigger, but lighter.

When it comes to the power and performance, rumors are that the new 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class will offer several engines. Some of the new units that experts believe will make its way to the E-class are the 2.9 liter V6 diesel engine that produces 313hp and a 400hp quad turbocharged engine.

Some of the biggest strengths of the upcoming E-Class are in the field of technology. The next generation should make the driving experience as comfortable and as luxurious as possible. The 2016 E-Class will feature several technologies that will make the driving experience semi-autonomous.

The biggest innovation is the “Car-to-X” feature, a new communication system that Mercedes-Benz has developed for communication between vehicles. The idea behind the system is that it should reduce the risk for collision, especially at junctions and around tight bends. The system will vastly improve the driving experience when visibility of traffic is reduced.

2016 mercedes-benz e-class

The next generation of the luxury sedan should also incorporate a number of sensors that will improve safety, starting from a stereo camera facing forward, as well as rear and side camera sensors. The company will also install the Intelligent Drive System into the E-Class. The system ensures that the vehicle is always at an appropriate distance, even when driving up to 200km/h. Other safety measures include the Active brake Assist system and the Evasive Steering Assist technology. The brake system helps with braking whenever the system detects slow moving traffic. The steering assist technology, on the other hand, completely takes control of the car when the system notices a pedestrian.

Regarding the release date, initial reports are that the E-Class could make its debut in January, during the NAIAS show. However, we can never be certain and considering that the vehicle is still early in development, the scheduled date might be delayed a month or two.

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