Next Generation of Audi A7 Expected to Sport a Completely New Look

Buyers are a restless lot who just love innovation in a car and when there is a new model coming out every year, manufacturers are supposed to satisfy this increasing demand.

The team at Audi is busy building the second generation in the A7 series. Inside reports confirm that the engineering experts are extremely conscious about the upcoming design and are planning to give it a complete makeover. The problem is that the existing A7 is a great sedan, but it has too many similarities when compared side by side with the Audi A6. If you are to look at the cars from the front side, you will probably guess them both to be same models as they are so identical.


In order to avoid this confusion and to encourage buyers to go for the second gen A7, the team is planning to integrate a long wheelbase to the vehicle. A similar wheelbase is already used in the A6 L, but the vehicle is available only in China and is not widely known among global buyers. Audi aims to give a makeover to the vehicle by increasing its wheelbase which will be almost 202-inches long, similar to the A8. When there is a significant increase in the length of the sedan, it will obviously reflect in its price tag as well.

With the new model, people who sit in the back of the sedan will have more headroom for their head and legs. The vehicle will continue to sport the same sleek body but with a variation in the wheelbase, it is also being rumored that Audi may launch a four door A7 sedan in the near future.

While you should probably take this with a pinch of salt, it is tough to not get excited over the news. Audi has planned to integrate some of the kickass features that are already found in the A8 sedan. It includes an infotainment system that responds to gestures, self-driving technology and more luxurious features. The pricing will definitely be on the higher side because the company has plans to separate the A6 from the A7 which is not possible unless they give it a new design, better features and of course, a new pricing.


Official details about the next gen Audi A7 is yet to surface from Audi. But, when it does, it is sure to surprise people. The sedan is expected to go on sale from mid-2017 onwards.

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