NextEV Hypercar Specs and Design Revealed Ahead of Official Launch

NextEV is a hypercar designed to give a tough competition to the big players in the automobile industry.

The brand previewed the car’s design and its specification much earlier before its official launch next week.

NextEV Hypercar Revealed

The NextEV was scheduled to get launched at the London expo before which the company showed how their hypercar would look like. About a month ago, the model was found being tested in UK roads. For the first time, we get to see it without any camouflage and the sleek profile is readily evident on this highly aerodynamic electric model. However, the car could seat only two people at once and it might be a common choice for any hyper car, it potentially puts off the average buyer out of their target audience group. And, it was never designed for city traffic in the first place. So, it shouldn’t be a big deal for the buyers.

The brand was originally formed in the year 2014 and their first model was geared to take part in the Formula E championship race. It first originated as a sketch on Chinese social media platform before the concept model came into being. In the past two years, the car has come a long way and is close to production. An official launch is scheduled to take place on November 21st in London. A big advantage the electric brand has is that it is being led by Martin Leach, who previously handled Ford operations in Europe.

A powerful electric drivetrain is being used in the NextEVhypercar which brings in the best components and uses an extremely lightweight body to achieve maximum performance. With all the components in place, it is expected to readily offer a total horsepower of 1341 bhp making it a worthy model that can actually compete in the Formula E race. The model will rival the best in the category, the LaFerrari and the McLaren P1. While it should be able to beat them, two new models namely the Mercedes AMG hypercar and the Aston Martin AM RB 001 is scheduled to be out soon.

NextEv Supercar Blue Sky Coming

It is no easy task for a new Chinese electric car brand to beat Mercedes, Ferrari and every other big auto brand in the market. But, they are being backed by some of the best in the industry and has a leading head who knows how the industry works. The overall production volume will be limited to just 1000 cars and the pricing is expected to be around 1 million GBP. It uses two different electric motors to deliver the necessary horsepower.

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