Nissan 2016 Leaf Powered by a 30kWh Delivers a Solid 250km Range on Full Charge

Electric cars are getting better with each passing day and the new 2016 Nissan Leaf powered by a powerful 30 kWh battery stands proof to this claim.  

The success of a car powered by an unconventional battery engine relies on its fuel economy because it is impossible to find a charging station in the middle of a highway. The practical issue has prompted multiple manufacturers to go for hybrid vehicles that can run on both battery and gasoline.


Nissan definitely deserves a pat on their shoulder for coming up with a fully electric vehicle. The Leaf is an already popular model which has been made better with increased battery power. The designers who worked on the model have ensured that even though it has a significant increase in the weight due to the bigger battery, minute alterations have been made to the body to ensure that the model is same as it has always been.

It is an impressive feat that the engineers have accomplished because the 2016 model has the exact same dimensions as the earlier version, except for the weight, which is now at least 21 kilograms extra. A high capacity cathode has been used in the battery cell and Nissan is highly confident about their new technology that the company is willing to provide a massive eight year or 160,000 kilometer warranty for the battery.

For the convenience of the customers, the car features a quick charging technology, which allows them to charge the car from 0 to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. While this feature already existed in the 24kWh model, it should be duly noted that they have maintained the same time for a battery that is at least six kWh higher than the previous one. It can be charged anywhere, at your home, at charging stations or any location which has a 3 phase, 400V power setup. It is prevalent in Europe which is where Nissan’s target audience reside.

Nissan 2016 Leaf

With a strong focus on the changing climatic conditions in the content, the Nissan 2016 Leaf has a pre heating cabin to beat the snow and offers easy telematics feature through the users’ smartphones. The pre-heating or pre-cooling is done without using the battery, which ensures it doesn’t affect the mileage. The infotainment system in the vehicle is equipped with a charging map that shows the nearest charging station so that you could plan your trip much easier.

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