Nissan BladeGlider Is Now Officially Riding In Brazil, Has New Drift Mode

An ambitious concept car back in 2013, the Nissan Bladeglider is now official and if we are to go by the company’s statement it is going to help passengers get from one area to another in Brazil.

Nissan BladeGlider Front

Nissan is going to promote the model at the big Olympics games taking place in Rio. There is no better way to market a radical prototype like the Bladeglider than this spot where people from around the globe has gathered in one place. Compared to the sum they should spend in marketing, this seems like a much easier option and also might push the prototype into a full production version.

The Nissan Bladeglider about to make its appearance in Rio is still a prototype version. The car may not be ready for launch in stores but is fully functional and can be used for daily transportation. The one we saw in 2013 has evolved a lot in the past three years and the latest images released by the automobile brand shows a promising, futuristic car.

Some significant design changes are adopted in the Bladeglider which looks like a bullet car. The new design gives it a sporty outlook which is essential for the brand to be able to market it to the mainstream audience. A two tone color scheme adds splendor to the already stylish looking vehicle.

The cabin is quite small compared to any other sedan or coupe but it still could comfortably accommodate the limited passengers. A circular steering wheel is used so as to achieve a conventional finish. The center console features a large touchscreen and two more screens are mounted on the back for the passengers. The Nissan Bladeglider can accommodate only three persons at a time.

Nissan BladeGlider

It is available in two different variants including a Stealth Orange and a Cyber Green model. The car is powered by an all-electric motor. The 220 kilowatt lithium ion battery can bring up to 174 horsepower from the electric motor. It is more than enough to cruise through the city especially with the car’s capability to reach 62 miles per hour in just five seconds and a top speed pegged at 115 miles per hour.

Speaking about the car, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan said that the new Bladeglider is for lover of cars, especially those who love compactness and the brand new electrified models. “It celebrates the best of everything and is designed to be stylish in every perspective,” he added.

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