Nissan Hosts On-Road Demonstration of Autonomous Car in Europe

Nissan hosted a special event in London demonstrating how their autonomous car would function in an on-road environment.

While the demo has been done in the United States and Japan earlier, this is the first time it is being conducted in Europe.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

The idea that Nissan has is to create a zero emission, zero fatality automobile environment. The former is achieved by bringing in electric cars whereas autonomous driving is expected to reduce car accidents to zero. The next generation vehicles are equipped with Nissan Intelligent Mobility which houses multiple technologies into the car to achieve the end goal.

During the on-road testing of the autonomous car, the automobile company allowed rear seat passengers to experience how the future would look like. The car was equipped with multiple technologies including cameras, laser scanner, radar combined with Human Machine Interface. There were other components too which was not listed but they work together to make the vehicle extremely safe to be in. It’s autonomous capabilities works seamlessly both in heavy city traffic and during high speed long drives in urban roads. The passenger should enter their location and everything else will be taken care of until they reach the destination.

“By demonstrating the capabilities of Nissan Intelligent Mobility in London, we would like to iterate that the autonomous capabilities of the car is more than capable of handling the demanding conditions in the busy streets. Innovation and ingenuity are always the two factors we focus on. The latest things happening at Nissan are driven by the same idea which we will pursue to deliver what the future of automobility needs,” said Takao Asami, senior vice president at Research and Advanced Engineering at Nissan.

Nissan Autonomous Car

ProPILOT is the autonomous driving technology Nissan has introduced which is already available in latest generation vehicles like the LEAF and the Qashqai. They are capable of offering single lane autonomous driving but the current version requires a driver to be seated at all times and need human interaction. However, the future models will overcome these hassles and needs specific laws before autonomous driving could be fully implemented around the world.

Multi-lane autonomous vehicles are under production with an expected release date in 2018 whereas the ones that could handle all types of roads and traffic will be out by 2020. Nissan is not the only company eyeing these improved features but all other top manufacturers have their own self-driving cars ready to hit stores in the near future.

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