Nissan Kicks is a New Compact SUV Heading to Brazil

Nissan has officially confirmed that the company is going to build a compact SUV and it will be named the Kicks. The model will first get launched in Brazil and will head to other regions in the following months.

The Japanese car manufacturer is aiming to rival the popular Mazda CX-3 with Kicks which is expected to be a crossover and be even cheaper than the earlier SUV models they have launched. By reducing the price of the vehicle, Nissan increases their potential to reach more customers at once. The existing model is priced at $23,490 and by going even below the current pricing, they open up the choices to the buyers who refrained from buying a SUV before.


At the moment, the automobile manufacturer is building a brand new manufacturing plant at Rio de Janeiro. The location is where they plan to build the Kicks once the construction is complete. The company has invested about $267 million in the plan to enable them to manufacture more of their existing models as well as the new ones in order to cope up with the demands from the buyers.

After launching the Nissan Kicks in Brazil and Australia, it will be sold globally, confirmed the CEO of the company. “We aim to be the leader in the crossover segment and in order to achieve it, it is mandatory that there are more offerings available so as to appeal to a wide range of buyers”, he added.

There is no official word on the specifications of the crossover SUV at the moment. Nissan didn’t reveal any plans to showcase it at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show or other expos. However, if they are planning to launch it before the end of 2016, they are sure to talk about it at any one of the upcoming car exhibitions.


With multiple shows scheduled for the year, it won’t be long before we get to see the Nissan Kicks crossover SUV being officially unveiled. The car may take time to undergo production, but if the technical specification and possible pricing is out, it may convince some buyers to hold off their next car to see what Nissan has to offer.

The design will be totally unconventional and nowhere close to the existing crossover SUVs, confirmed the team which is working on the Kicks at the moment. They are targeting markets like Brazil, India and Russia before launching the vehicle in the western part of the world.

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