Nissan Leaf Gives a Tough Competition for Chevy Bolt in 107 Mile Challenge

The content between electric vehicles have officially begun and the one with the longest range on a single charge is obviously the winner.

Nissan Leaf went head on against the Chevrolet Bolt in the 107 mile challenge during the National Drive Electric Week.

Nissan Leaf; Chevy Bolt

While these cars are yet to get officially launched to the general public, the organizers of the event somehow managed to bring them to the show and compare them head on. The 2016 Nissan Leaf went against the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle. The latter is still a concept car, but was ready to hit the roads and prove its mettle. Both manufacturers have promised that their newer editions are supposed to offer better fuel efficiency, performance and more affordable than it used to be.

Apart from making it easy for people to get around and save money on the increasing gas prices, the significant attendees of the show opined that by opting for electric vehicles, one can contribute to the planet. Whenever they purchase an EV car, they make the air cleaner and pave way for a better future, because they are eco-friendly. Europe is the first continent, where the buyers started adopting the electric cars at a rapid pace. Tesla’s Model S is the top seller at the moment but it is its exorbitant pricing that puts budget buyers off. However, the company has confirmed that within two years, they will launch a budget sedan which will be priced at $35,000 readily affordable by almost every buyer.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet has been slowly moving towards perfection with their Bolt, while Nissan Leaf promises to deliver more mileage than its earlier version, which delivered 84 miles on a single charge. Mileage has been a significant problem that deters people from going for electric vehicles. If you run dry on a highway, a gas station can’t save the day and charging ports aren’t so handy in most regions.

2016 Chevy Bolt vs 2016 Nissan Leaf

Tesla and other electric car manufacturers have plans to tie up with garages to setup instant charging stations. Once they deliver more than 150 miles or higher on a single charge, people will be more inclined to go for them without inhibitions. With a 20 percent boost in fuel economy, Nissan claims that their 2016 edition of the Leaf is the most affordable electric car in the market with a decent mileage. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is priced at $37,500.

Leaf delivers a range of 107 miles while a future edition of Bolt may touch 200 miles. It’s the beginning of a new era of EVs.

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  1. The 107 mile 2016 Leaf starts at $35,050. Based on that, It would be a stretch to say they will be able to match the Bolts price tag, that is estimated at $37,500, with a 90% larger battery that would be needed to compete with the Bolt’s over 200 mile range. Plus the Bolt will made in America.

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