Nissan NV300 Van First Look Image Released

Nissan has a slew of commercial vehicles as part of their lineup and the new generation of models are set to get launched.

A preview of their upcoming NV300 van has been released which shows a glimpse into how the model might look.

Nissan NV300 Van

It is built in the same production plant where the Renault Trafic was built. At least half-a-dozen models including the Hyundai iLoad, Mercedes Vito, Volkswagen Transporter among other vans are competing in the same segment. Witnessing success is not just an easy task for the Nissan NV300 van because of the sector being overcrowded yet they do have the opportunity to do so if they deliver quality and performance as promised combined with the best fuel efficiency.

Nissan and Chevrolet have shared common design works in the past. The same will be carried forward in the new NV300 van. Bodyworks, design and exterior appearance of the new van from Nissan may borrow a lot of elements from the Trafic not only because it is being built in the same factory but it is also one of the popular vans available in stores now. Nissan aims to recreate the success one more time by creating an upgraded version of the Trafic with new style quotient added to it.

Some of the components being used to build the NV300 are borrowed from the Fiat Talento and the Vauxhall Vivaro. The front fascia of the van was revealed in the first look images and it shows a prominent V-motion grille. The grille is almost the same as the ones found in the Juke and the Qashqai models. The new van is set to be a solid replacement for the outgoing Primastar. It has been in existence for a long time now and it looks like the automobile manufacturer has decided to bid goodbye to it.

Nissan NV300

And, the NV300 van is going to aptly sit in between the NV200 and the NV400 models allowing Nissan to further expand their commercial vehicles lineup with a car in every segment that a buyer could ask for. The brand provides a cool five-year warranty for the van up to 100,000 miles and it is also shared by any official parts purchased by the owner of the van.

The Nissan NV300 van is set to hit showrooms in different regions this autumn and when it does we will know its official pricing. A diesel engine variant of the van has also been confirmed.

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