Nissan Promises Wireless Charging Tech Reveal at Geneva Show

The time has come to charge electric cars wirelessly or at least its first concepts are being pioneered by Nissan.

The brand addresses the technology as the Fuel Station of the Future and has confirmed that it will be detailed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.


Electric cars are becoming exceptionally mainstream than it has ever been. While we are hardly anywhere near the concept of autonomous/ self-driving cars, EVs are more practical because they are fuel efficient against increasing gasoline prices, are sophisticated and offer great mileage. Nissan Leaf is one of the most popular models from the team and many more have been scheduled for release in the next few years.

In order to make their electric cars accessible to drivers and make life easier, the company is also working on the Fuel Station of the Future concept. An official video has been released which details the features of the station and explains how it actually works. Foster + Partners is the company which will be working closely with Nissan to realize this dream.

Talking about the idea, David Nelson, head of the department said that the future is all about autonomous cars and vehicles which run on electricity than gasoline. “Offering a seamless experience to the urbanite is what we are aiming at so that they don’t hesitate to adopt this new technology”, he said.

In the teaser video, you can see the Nissan Leaf being used as the model car. The concept of charging the vehicle without having to plug in a cable is very similar to what you do with phones. All that is needed is to park the car on top of the tiny port integrated on the road. It can also be done in your garage in the near future.


The 7kW wireless charging device will start charging the vehicle as soon as its sensors detect the presence of the car on top of it. Even the largest battery will be charged in a night’s time so that you could take the car out the next day. Similar stations will also be setup in different parts of the country where the driver could park the car and grab a bite, while it gets charged.

Nissan Leaf is the most popular electric car in multiple regions, but faces stiff competition from the likes of Chevrolet, BMW among others. But, wireless charging is a technology that every brand has to embrace in order to convince their customers to go with the EVs.

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