Nissan Releases Teaser Image of New Concept Electric Vehicle: to be Showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan, the Japanese car maker, has released a teaser image of its new concept electric vehicle expected to be showcased at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Yet unnamed, Nissan simply described it as, ‘the future vision of car intelligence and electrification’, sending signals that the new concept car would be an all-electric vehicle with, perhaps, autonomous driving technology.

Nissan Electric Vehicle

The image of the new electric vehicle (the namelessness seems to add to the mysterious aura) shows the styling to be similar to the company’s most recent concepts such as the Gripz SUV and the Micra-Sway, opine experts. The styling concepts revealed in the image include grille shape and headlights which appear to be similar to the company’s latest concepts.

The accentuated front fenders appear to add an aggressive profile to the new car while the LED running lights sharpen the design. The company’s logo is positioned in the middle of the grille and is illuminated by a blue light. Moreover, the EV’s profile features a blue-illumined character line.

The fact that this vehicle would be an electric vehicle is reflected in the ‘blue’ color of the image which is the color of the accents in the Nissan Leaf too. Rumors abound that this concept EV could be a preview of the next-generation Leaf due for release in 2017.


The new EV is expected to be a joint collaborative effort with Renault under the Renault Nissan Alliance Carlos Ghosn. This information is drawn by auto experts and analysts from an earlier announcement made by the chief of the collaborative venture that autonomous models from Nissan and Renault will be available for sale by 2020.

Nissan is also reportedly strategizing to convert the Leaf into a ‘sub-brand’ and will offer more models and body styles in an attempt to leverage on the expanding EV global market.

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